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Family Violence Crisis Line
Sexual Trauma Support Line
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Main Administration

Treaty 8,
100-130 Prospect Drive
Fort McMurray, AB
T9K 2Z5

Phone: (587) 537-8903

Fax: (780) 791-5560

Unity House Administration

Phone: (780) 743-4691

Fax: (780) 791-5560

Domestic-Family Violence Outreach Program

Phone: (587) 537-8903 ext. 115

Fax: (780) 791-5560

Executive Director

Phone: (587) 537-8903 ext. 227

Fax: (780) 791-5560

Opportunities for Change Program

Phone: (780) 791-5143

Fax: (780) 743-8224

Sexual Assault Program

Phone: (780) 743-4691 ext. 232

Fax: (780) 791-5560

Community Awareness and Special Events

Phone: (587) 537-8903 ext. 117

Fax: (780) 791-5560

Whether you are looking for more information, need to make a referral, want to get involved either by volunteering or by making a donation, you can start by connecting with us here. We will generally respond within 48 business hours of request.

Please note, if you are in crisis please call the Family Violence Crisis Line at (780) 743-1190 or the Sexual Assault Support Line at (780) 791-6708 for immediate assistance.

This email is not monitored for crisis situations.


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